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Imagine the inspiration were archaeologists to unearth a tarnished newsletter.

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@BadUncle Arguing a point in the article is good. Leaving a comment about how the article was poorly written or needs an editor is annoying.

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Alternate take : (cat gif)

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Foxy Brown singlehandedly destroyed the Internet, and she wasn't even online.

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I still, for the most part, enjoy the comments on things I write—which is saying A LOT, given where I write. It's frustrating, however, to be subject to the "silencing effect" that negative comments have on writers, i.e. that you truly just CANNOT respond to them even when doing so can clear up a misperception, misunderstanding or address flawed information that a person is trying to insist is true and that your audience might take as gospel because there's this sense that a commenter correcting a columnist is the one who is in the right. Sometimes that's the case, but most often that person is dead wrong and yet? There's no truck in attempting to respond because no one wins in a comment (or twitter) war.

Related: No, Jezebel Commenter, Goo Gone does NOT remove silicone buildup from wood but thanks for playing and also while I have you, NO Jezebel should not hire a cleaning expert who has a PhD in Chemistry. That is an absolutely fucking ridiculous thing to suggest; if you have a PhD in Chemistry PLEASE do something better for the world than what it is that I do.

Sorry, really have wanted to get that out of my system.

ANYway. On the flip side of that, I also enjoy sites that have a robust commenting community and find it sad when that peters out. I've enjoyed being part of what was once a really fun and smart and sometimes incredibly insane commenting community here and at The Hairpin and have been sad to see that fall by the wayside. Though I suspect that the editors are thrilled to have effectively silenced the commenters, and it's their site, so what I feel about it doesn't matter at all really. If it happened while I was still contributing to the Network I would have been wicked bummed, but I still retain an incredibly vocal (oh my God, so vocal!) audience so in practice the lack of comments here has no effect other than to tug at my sentimental heartstrings from time to time.

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Give me a few minutes and I'll weigh in with what appears to be an attention-seeking, overly long comment not even related to this post!

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I find that when I want to comment on something at the Awl, and I want people to read what I have to say, I tweet it. When I don't want anyone to read it, I leave it in the comments. I am a terrible person but then so are we all.

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I'd straighten you all out on this here, but no one's reading it, anyway.

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Without listicles, I would never have known what toppings to put in my pizza.

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