On Movie Old

If you are younger, consider discreetly selling a few of the smaller paintings and furnishings from around the house before Dad gets busted. That fellowship money will only take you so far, and you'll need some cash to support your deadbeat boyfriend.

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On Moon Wants Attention

Wow, according to that article, the moon really hates jews.

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On Where To Not Get Stung

As the "scientist" involved was voluntarily stung all over his body, I am forced to conclude that he's just really into that sort of thing, and I mostly feel sorry for the bees.

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On Which Is The Whitest TV Network Of Them All? (CBS)

I unfortunately watched "Blue Bloods" a couple of weeks ago with my mother, who is dedicated to watching every crime procedural in the known universe. Not only was the entire main cast white, it was straight-up jaw-droppingly racist. It was titled the "Knockout Game," so you can probably guess how it went. Stay strong, Lucy Liu.

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On Maybe Bill de Blasio Is Secretly Ruthless? Maybe?

You'd think the recent report on how charter schools helped transform NYC into the most racially segregated school system in the country would help make this the perfect time to push back. But since even the NYT is ignoring that story, perhaps not.

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On Words Fail

"proponents like Miley Cyrus" Well played, Slate.

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On Raymond Chandler, In Order

I'll just agree with the "all good" tag and leave it at that.

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On Doom Harbinged

Will a seismically active area have more seismic activity?

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On Big Words Bad, Gone Soon

The video was worth watching for the anchor's outfit alone.

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On Man Who Is Wrong About Everything Has Opinion

"The editorial pages of The Washington Post in particular are regularly filled with analytical and empirical seriousness." Um ...... OK.

I just went over to 538 and saw they've got a notorious climate change troll massaging data on the front page, so Wieseltier can take comfort that Silver's claim of 538 addressing topics without bias is bullshit.

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