On Maybe The Thing About God's Son Having A Wife Is Untrue

The presence of of Shiva as a character should have tipped them off to this being fourth century crossover slashfic.

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On The Better You Look The Meaner You Are

Perhaps charities should wait until the humidity reaches 90% before asking for donations. Also, this research only deepens the mystery of Donald Trump's hair.

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On Camille Paglia Still Doing Her Camille Paglia Thing

@needsmoresalt: I know, right? I can't even get angry at someone so far out there she thinks a lower drinking age would have prevented people from sexting or taking ecstasy at raves.

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On If No One Is Around To See A Big Bang Did It Really Happen?

I more baffled by the 8% that don't believe that there's a genetic code. What do they think is actually at work in their cells?

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On This Thing Used To Be That Thing

It's pizza signs all the way down.

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On Portland Teen Makes Water Artisanal

I think Portland does this on purpose, just to show California they can throw water away, no problem.

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On Hopes For The Future Mostly Involve Being Able To Escape Back Into The Past

I can't believe having robot servants ranked so low. And they didn't even ask about sexbots!

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On Remember Skywriting?

I can't believe social media wants people to look up from their smartphones.

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On Guess What's On Those Shiny Screens?

I don't think of it as dirty, I think of it as personalized with my signature microflora.

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On Where Am I? And What Time Is It?

"The moment when the shadow is shortest (and points due north) is the time of local noon"

Would that just be in the Northern Hemisphere? Also, would another method for estimating latitude be measuring the change in day length (assuming you still have a watch)? It seems like measuring the change in the length of the noonday shadow might also work.

And here's the obligatory link to to "B- Time Traveler"

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