On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

Rob Fleming! High Fidelity!

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On ‘Scream 4’: The First Mainstream Feminist Horror Film

Silence of the Lambs, anyone? Starling's narrative is the ultimate Empowered Final Girl, from beginning to end, making room for empathy with the killer only when she deems it necessary.

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On Video: The Case Against Apple

Uf, I hate when companies can decide to stop voluntary charitable donations! If only there was some way they could be compelled to share some portion of their profits for the public good, in exchange for doing business in a safe and stable country…

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On You Say Hipster R&B, I Say Nappy-Headed Pop. Either Way, It's Offensive.

Well, we lost Left Eye and Aaliyah, and Lauryn's been off the deep end for a while. There was just a certain sound in the 90s that isn't coming back. It was easier to see R&B as a genre then because it was so clearly a close relative of rap even when it sounded different, descended yet distinct from soul. But after four decades rap's become both so diverse and mainstream that the sounds that used to indicate a certain hip-hop pedigree are now blended into pretty much every corner of the spectrum. Maybe it's time to retire the R&B title; maybe we've been doing neo-soul long enough to just call it soul again.

I don't think the word "hipster" should be used to describe any genre though, it suggests there's nothing meaningful about this music beyond how few people know about it.

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On Playing Well With Drugs: An Interview With Eddie Einbinder

"So, drugs are still pretty fun, huh?"
"Yeah, seem to be."

Sounds like he's thought out some hard-hitting policy arguments right there.

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