On Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

@Matt Buchanan Part of me finds the critical solipsism of all three reviews really gross since (as you suggest) if Lockwood were a man, critics would be talking more about the work than their personal feelings about it, which (to this female reader, at least) seemed totally sad and predictable. Plunkett is the obvious Gollum of the three, and Mallory's piece about his missteps in that thing he would call a review is everything. Garner's "biological praise" of Lockwood's war poem and dismissal of the ideas he deemed "merely cute" was just hilariously tone deaf. @JFarmer, your review was by far the best of the bunch, but I found your observations to be far more astute when you focused on the poetry as opposed to your relationship with it.

Still, I think it’s sort of cool that Lockwood has elicited these deeply personal responses in a form that tends toward the clinical. I think a lot of people assume “Rape Joke” is affecting largely because of its subject, just as they attribute Lockwood’s popularity on Twitter to sex jokes. It’s fascinating to me that all three men consistently describe her work as vaguely chilly and mostly insincere--by turns "search-engine optimized," pornographic, mocking, and "cliquish"--when it’s so clear she has a gift for reaching people where they live.

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On Which Is The Whitest TV Network Of Them All? (CBS)

Really weird you'd say the only non-white leads on network television are Mindy Kaling, LL Cool J, Lucy Liu, and "very little else." What about the cast of Scandal? Grey's Anatomy? Sleepy Hollow?

Also, your "methodology" of determining the ethnic identity of actors gave me the creeps.

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On Are The Startup Fellas Hellbent On Destroying Education Even Literate?

I agree this guy seems like an idiot, but to call him near-illiterate seems sensational and unwarranted, particularly in the context of a piece about education. (Anyone who has worked in a school from college on down the line knows from near-illiterate, and believe me, that ain’t it.) I mean, is calling out the its/it’s thing really such a zing? Because it seems to me that by those standards the sentence where Maria uses “out” instead of “our” make her near-illiterate, too.

Sometimes I find the tone of Maria’s writing really uncharitable, even when I agree with her. Her takedown pieces would be much stronger without the personal attacks. The well-chosen quotes alone make it abundantly clear he's a choad without being petty about a grammatical error (in a piece on Medium, for god's sake!!).

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On And How Was Your Summer, Amy Sedaris?

Oh my god. These questions.

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On What Was Brooklyn? A Deeper Look At The Corcoran Tumblr

I dunno, to me this reads as a brilliant parody of all those fake grocery lists (champagne! truffles! cheese!) and inspirational quotations that are always on those terrible chalkboard walls in shelter blogs and magazines. My own brilliant parody just says “TP and Diet Coke” in black paint.

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On The Olds Don't Know Where Facebook Is

Oh, Becca. I, too, wrote a lot of obnoxious pedantic essays in college. I’m very grateful that the internet wasn’t the unspoken medium in which I lived my life way back then because, seriously, this piece is embarrassing. Someday soon you'll have the wherewithal to realize it.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

I saw Maria mention "free speech" on Twitter and a few people here in the comments mention censorship. I don't see how those issues are even remotely relevant. Am I missing something? Kickstarter--which Hoinsky himself points out is a private company--has forbidden seduction guide projects. It is not as though the government has threatened him with jail for writing this terrible book.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@barnhouse RE: "I get that the permanent "no" is difficult for some women to articulate for any number of reasons. I believe and hope that a careful review of writing like Ken's may help them understand just how very firm that "no" needs to be. I believe men like Ken want to understand it, too. That's why I wanted to talk with him."

You have got to be kidding me with this. Good old Ken Hoinsky, helping confused women everywhere find a thousand different ways to say no.

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On Is Your Social Media Editor Destroying Your News Organization Today?

You’re so right, official social media feeds were useless across the board. I tried to tune it out and just watch journos on the ground; they were way more informed but also a LOT more cautious. Sounds obvious but it really made me think a lot about how I consume news in general.

I usually keep an eye on @clarajeffery in a crisis--good eye, level head, good sense of humor, always up late. Social media editors should take a page from her book and try to help people find legit primary sources and offer perspective when they can. Take a breath and use your critical faculties. Jesus.

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On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

This is by far the most entertaining recipe I've ever read, only in part because I thought "really good sugar" was an Ina Garten parody up until the fancy golden Hawaiian rec.

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