On Lawless White People Go Wilding in Vancouver

@deepomega It's like you didn't read the part about Vancouver actually being diverse.

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On Six Writers Tell All About Covers and Blurbs

I really enjoyed the Lulu Dark books. I used to work in a public library and was responsible for promoting books to teens. I recommended the Lulu Dark books a lot. I put them on lists and displayed them a bunch. I don't know if that ever made much difference -- but then, I found that it was really difficult to get teens excited about reading. Either they were already into it and didn't need any encouragement, or they weren't into it at all and there was nothing I did that ever seemed to change that.

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On Canada! How Does It Work?

Does this one work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvjfJ6bAi0U

It was also cool when Chretien's wife, Aline, confronted a home intruder armed with a knife and locked him in a closet.

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On Canada! How Does It Work?

My mom is from Rose Town/Saskatoon. My dad is from Swift Current. I lived in Saskatoon as a child before moving to Calgary in the early '90s. My sister still lives in S'toon (along w/ grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins).

Where are you from?

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On Canada! How Does It Work?

If Canada is small, Saskatchewan is even smaller. When I needed to sublease my apartment in Toronto, I found someone by asking my mom who asked her aerobics instructor (both from SK), and I ended up renting to the instructor's brother. As it turns out, he was also a member of my grandparents' church choir and a good friend of my best friend crica grade 2.

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On Canada! How Does It Work?

This is a complicated question. Canadians are less patriotic than Americans are, and sometimes I think that's a good thing and other times I think it leads to less investment in the political process of the country. By way of illustration, I read an article recently about a Canadian who purchased an old building somewhere in the states (Delaware? my memory is sketchy). Later, it was discovered that the building had been used as a barracks in the War of 1812. Local sentiment rejected foreign ownership of this building, and the Canadian was forced to sell it. Meanwhile, they recently discovered the remains of our Second Parliament under a gas station somewhere in Toronto, and the local consensus was to just leave it there and maybe excavate it some other time.

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On Canada! How Does It Work?

The Charter is a bill of rights. A bill of rights is just a list of important rights. Sometimes a country calls a bill of rights The Bill of Rights. Other times they give it a different name.

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On Resume Bias and Plagiarism

When does concern about plagiarism reach moral panic levels, do you think?

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On The Attack on the Memoir: Not Interested, Says Tobias Wolff!

The same argument could be made substituting "memoir" for "having an opinion." Ex: there was a time when you have to earn the right to express your opinions. Now, we are all subject to the tyranny of every bloviator to comment on a blog! Every ill-formed comment takes up valuable space that could otherwise be going to the considered opinions of the qualified, etc.

There is no shortage of shelf space. People read what they are interested in.

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On Fish Are Jumping In The Fraser River! A Lot Of Them!

I live here and they are selling wild sockeye for $7.99 a kg (2.2lbs).

Also: the accents in the second video really stood out to me! Canadians on film.

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