On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@antarctica starts here I mean, some girls just rape so easy though, right? dudes have to watch out goprapeadvisorychart

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@Brad Nelson I actually thought that it was a parody at that point. I now look back longingly on those happier times.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@melis but melis the straight white male experience is the neutral experience!! everybody experiences the world exactly like they do!

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On Advice Is Futile

@kittennnnns Will you send your extra cheese to Edith though?

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On Advice Is Futile

@whizz_dumb Or, why does my mom cut kitchen sponges in half to make tiny kitchen sponges for dish-washing, and why do I do this too??

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On A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

@Ben Boyd@facebook Only if you're on the Internet.

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On 'Stranger In A Strange Land': Can You Grok That?

Nicole. You are very right about Left Hand of Darkness, that is, that everyone should read it.

Also the guy who said this "surprised to learn how many people thought he was chauvinistic" above is cracking me up.

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On What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

What I don't understand is, why ask so many people who say that they don't listen to audiobooks? Perhaps a better strategy would have been to just ask everyone who's ever written for the Awl if they actually know anyone who listens to audiobooks.

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On Savage Night at the Philharmonic

@Nicole Cliffe@facebook It really is an extremely pertinent detail.

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On David Foster Wallace's Self-Help Books Removed From Archive

@rj77 Holding records are supposed to be publicly available (unless, I suppose, there's some restriction in the donor agreement, which is entirely possible), you should contact the HRC and see if they'll let you look at it.

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