On Fictional Drugs In Order Of How Useful They Would Be To Me Right Now

How about a drug that gives worms to ex-girlfriends?

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On 20 Years After 'Achtung Baby '

I saw that ZooTV tour in support of Achtung Baby, and man what a bunch of gasbags they already were. Pixies, as openers, on their last breath as a band, took up a tiny fraction of the hugely overblown stage but they completely blew me away... I quit U2 that night - probably the best decision I made in 1992.

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On The Dos And Don'ts Of Time Travel

WIll definitely keep that advice about going future-first in my back pocket. Thanks Behrle.

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On Jarvis Cocker and The Strokes, "Just What I Needed"

This is why cover bands exist... and although they're much -maligned, i know three or four cover bands that would rock the shit out of Reading with some Cars, a Rolling Stones power medley, select cuts from Nevermind, & all wrapped up with a searing rendition of the Doobie Brothers' "Black Water".

Fest that.

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On Newt Gingrich Staffers Suddenly Realize They Are Working For Newt Gingrich

Slow Newts day?

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On The Velvet Underground, In Order

I know it's popular to shit on Rock n' Roll but it is about the most perfect pop song i can think of... (well that and Just Like Heaven but this is a different Listicle).

Also - What Goes On and Run Run Run are a lot higher on my list.

Traveling today Bry - and you just set my ipod preference for 4 glorious airborne hours. Thanks.

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On Be Careful, That Bow Tied In The Strings Of Her Bikini Is Really A Camera

T-Y-P-E-G-U-Y, he's that type of guy.

I've always appreciated Todd's willingness to point out what kind of guy he was...

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On Geoff Dyer On Reading And Writing

I don't think I'm even that old, but I have noticed in the last three years, I've read almost nothing but nonfiction/oral histories about songwriters, punk bands and the like...

I can't imagine getting into military history - but shit, I did just watch most of an episode of Top Shot yesterday... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjI4J1axFQI

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On The Awl Turns Two

Happy Bday Y'Awl.

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On The Best Newspaper Staff Game in Town

In Institutionalized Awkwardness news, Secret Santa just got demoted.

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