From Chicago, now in Oakland, works on environmental noise studies for money, plays baseball for fun.

On That Big Study About How the Student Debt Nightmare Is in Your Head? It's Garbage

@can't tell Yeah, which is a "large amount" when rent is 1/3 to 1/2 of your income.

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On Welcome to San Williamsisco

According to my observations, rent has doubled in Oakland over the last year and a half. A lot of people are getting pissed and these young rich google employees are going to get messed with.

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On Death to Negronis

2-parts booze (tequila or rye), 1-part Genepy, a splash of Campari, some shakes of ango, and a garnish of any citrus peel.

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On New Subway Line to Connect Brooklyn and Some Other Borough

Is Williamsburg up-and-coming or up-and-came? If/when that line opens, Queens will be rising.

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On HBO's Historical Revisionism

Mr. Show was or is airing on IFC. How can HBO hate a show that created Pit Pat: a magical pansexual nonthreatening spokes-thing?

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On Stop Blaming The Internet For How Horrible We All Are

I don't think that first N in "congnoscenti" is supposed to be there, but maybe I'm missing a joke.

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On This

I'm gonna rival whatever "This." is by banking on the popularity of people's h8 and developing "Nope."

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On Why Did Women Throw Their Panties at This Man?

I thought the first image was Joe Pesci in Casino or something.

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On What Does Your Whorephone Say About You?

Some things/people are better left as unwritten memories.

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On Hell Discovered, Filmed

How did nobody yell at them to shut up? You know who else was complaisant?

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