On Quit Your Job! A Q&A With Actress-Turned-Pot Farmer Heather Donahue

Suddenly, my fondest dream is for Michelle Dean and Heather Donahue to find me as brilliant and articulate and fascinating as I find them.

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On 'Poses'

A splendid paean to a really special album. For a few moments I feared that you would overlook "Grey Gardens" altogether (still my favorite), which would be practically criminal. But no! I wish music criticism tended toward this level of thoughtfulness in general.

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On Don't Say That, Say This!

Love. Love. I'm also 42 so, you know, fuck those chicks. Not literally, of course. Just...forgive me, I am 42, did I say that? And ash, and dust.

No, my weeping ego and I really do love this. Please mock "Real Simple" (that name!) at every opportunity.

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On 'Homeland' And 'Enlightened': Women On The Verge Of Nervous Breakthroughs

Oh, Michelle Dean, I am always happy to see your byline. Your analyses make the fact that I haven't seen either of these shows utterly beside the point.

Wait, Mandy Patinkin is in Homeland? Why is this not the headline?

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On New Yorkers Neurotic

@mrmcd There's nothing remotely neurotic about that, sorry.

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On New Yorkers Neurotic

“When the economy tanked, people gave up their Birkins but they didn’t give up their Botox,” noted Dr. Turk, a handsome cosmetic surgeon who practices on the Upper East Side."

I am so ashamed that my great-great-grandparents escaped pogroms to come to this circle of hell where ordinary doyennes have to go without their Birkins. What are we, monsters?

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On Twenty Women's Names, In Musical Order

"Roxanne"? Also, "Roxanne, Roxanne"? "Roxanne's Revenge"?

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