On Cilantro Dissidents Identified


Me too!
I had never even tasted it until I was an adult, and I LOVE it. Fresh, on anything.

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On Vicious Briton Removed From Scene Of Violence

@El Matardillo

Well, do we know whether "bredding" is UK for "breeding" or "breading"?

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On “If a pineapple were funnier, I would have written a pineapple in the first place"

SRA cards.
Thankfully they weren't tests. Unfortunately we had to plow through this kind of crap everyday.

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On Republican Bears Confront Vermont Governor

But were the birdfeeders burning??

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On A Minnesota Nice Guide To The Twin Cities

Marcus Bachmann.

MN can keep him.

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On Who Will Protect Catholics from Rick Santorum?

@Patrick Coll@facebook

Interesting that you didn't provide any quotes.

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On Who Will Protect Catholics from Rick Santorum?

@Abe Sauer
But when you promulgate policies that are essentially tied with religious groups, wouldn't this simply be common knowledge? I can't imagine there'd be any confusion among people who were concerned with these things.
I can't find Gingrich's pope picture, but I imagine that devout clown *would* need to remind people.

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On Who Will Protect Catholics from Rick Santorum?

oops, skimmed too quickly over the end of the article - church leaders already starting to object: "We remind Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum..."

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On Who Will Protect Catholics from Rick Santorum?

Thank you for all the quotes. What work!
(I have a Catholic background, but have been a practicing agnostic ever since I was old enough to have a thought of my own.)
A self-proclaimed practicing Catholic can't seriously take the tea party line on immigration (at least in the US, where immigrants are mostly Catholic; Europe is another matter), on racism (Africa and Asia for converts), on evolution (Church not about to repeat that Galileo fiasco), on redistribution of wealth, etc. etc.

Santorum is simply another Newt, saying whatever will get him his next check.
I half wonder if the church's issues with women aren't so important that they won't just turn around and repudiate this guy at some point. This pope has been outspoken against "selbstgemachte Religion", do-it-yourself religion, hehe.

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On How To Bring A Bike On The New York City Subway

"nor will there ever be"
We think positively - they weren't always there.

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