On The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

@Leon Tchotchke The label is great, but yes, it is consistently the best Pumpkin Beer every season.
I think Starr Hill's is actually really good and am surprised it didn't fare better.

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On Clearance-Sale Holiday Foodstuffs, In Order

What about those Easter marshmallows that are not Peeps? They are so good..

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On How To Make 17th-Century Delights: Curd Cakes

@cherrispryte But how good would these be served with lemon curd and maybe some powdered sugar? If they taste the way I imagine, that would be pretty damn good.

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On What Famous People Smell Like

@lfrank Vanilla bean smells more expensive, I imagine. Tom Ford might use the same Victoria's Secret body spray that every middle class 15 year-old-girl uses, but he also has wealth permeating from his pores and enhancing the scent.

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On My Doomed Attempt To Make Jjajangmyeon At Home

This looks so delicious. I'm now very curious about jjajangmyeon and dying for any salty, seasame-y Asian-style noodle dish.

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On Hideous Birth Control Methods Through The Ages

@C_Webb I find a live weasel in my underwear is actually the most effective. They're angry little buggers!

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On Hideous Birth Control Methods Through The Ages

Alternatively, read this list out loud to your lover. Problem solved.

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On Mad Men's Megan Draper Reads (And Wears) 1966 'Vogue'

@a-duh The only price I can see on any of these pages is "about $60" for the Incan print dress (in teeny tiny print on the last pic, yes, I was super curious too). That's equivalent to almost $400 today, so not affordable, but cheaper than a lot of things featured in modern Vogue. Of course, now even mainstream women's mags declared $300 dresses "everyday affordable pieces" so...

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On Teen Girl Mag Prepares for Life of Disappointment, Lies

@jfruh He basically admitted that he is 21 but only dates girls who haven't graduate high school yet.

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On A Survey of What Real Americans Think About a Government Shutdown

Then the joke is on Mike M: The proud soldiers of the 79th Abortion Division at Ft. Roe-Wade, like our other brave active duty military servicemen, are essential personnel and won't be furloughed.

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