By pengin on Former LAPD Detective Names Biggie's Killer

So the prosecution of Suge is the fireworks factory, then.

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By camelface on 46 Things to Read and See for David Foster Wallace's 50th Birthday

I'll just bang this out at lunch!

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By Dan Kois on Sharon Van Etten Just Going to Be the Latest Lady to Leave Us

What the hell did Gillian Welch do to you besides put out a great album this year?

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By Hamilton on Dick Joke

Haha this is very great.

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By Ben@twitter on Let's Bomb the Falklands!

Yeah, the Falklands war is one of those rare "just" wars. We Brits defended a load of hardy, culturally British sheep-tinkerers from a junta who did things like throw nuns out of aeroplanes. And losing the war caused the junta to collapse.

Maybe Thatcher could have seen the invasion coming and nipped it in the bud, and mayyyybe she deliberately let sneaky Alan Argie invade for political advantage, but I don't think there's much solid evidence that either of those are true. If she was that sneaky then we won't know until something incriminating gets declassified. Oh, and the war did help the bitch get re-elected, but I blame the idiot general population of KCI for that.

I read some of the first-person accounts of the military action, and it turns out there was some actual bayonet fighting. That's like super-sized knife crime that you can't be prosecuted for. What's not to like?

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By Smitros on Midwest-Based Man Unable to Find Pleasing Meals

But they've got some crazy little women there. Did he get him one?

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By Mr. B on Straight People Easily Shamed by Pharmacy Trips

@BadUncle "Homer, whatever it is you're planning for tonight, count me out."

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