On In Praise Of Editors, Or In This Case, Editor

My only regret is that -- in only writing for CAAF sporadically and unreliably -- I failed to take full advantage of her talents, which I never overlooked.

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On 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

@Clarence Rosario And Oher now plays right tackle, so my faith in all of Michael Lewis's reporting has been shaken.

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On Why Does the 'New Yorker' Hate David O. Russell?

@jfruh The scar on the bridge of B-Coop's face in the film suggests that someone already did it for you, if that helps

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On Bob Weir Is 65

To think I was counting on a choice video here to make my afternoon. No love for the hippies.

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On An Incomplete Survey of Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, and Books Being Read by Potential Jurors on Wednesday, July 25, 2012, in Baltimore City Circuit Court, Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse Jury Duty Waiting Room

As a recent participant in jury selection in Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas, I'm astonished that multiple people weren't reading 50 Shades of Gray in its dead tree format here.

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On Man Goes Hungry

Fairly warned, be thee, says I

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On Eat, Pray, Judge: Buffet With The Students Of Sri Chinmoy

@petejayhawk You're the second one to point me to Victory's Banner. Next time I'm in Chicago...

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On The Search For New York's Best Dosa

Love the Sholay referencing graphic.

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On The Maps We Wandered Into As Kids

My lucky day: my two favorite map series on the interwebs (this and that British guy in the Times) both have new posts.

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On M. Ward, "The First Time I Ran Away"

The truth.

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