On "I'll Be Your Wingwoman": Two Friends Walk Into A Bar

@Gunther Congratulations. How wonderful.

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On Ask An Ex-Mormon! A Conversation

@real talk No, they can - usually, women only start going to the temple and doing those rituals when they get married, so they tend to go with their husbands. But older single women can do most of the rituals on their own.

Now, if you read the doctrine carefully, it IS true that you can't get into the highest level of heaven without a husband. And in the temple ritual, the husband is an intermediary between the wife and god. Which is fucked up, and only a small part of the reason I think the church is VERY sexist, not just a little.

(blah blah ex-Mormon lady soapbox blah.)

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On The Fumes Of The Wine Do Ascend, And Other Pieces Of 17th-Century Drinking Wisdom


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On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public

Goddammit, I was with you until the pinot grigio. Why must people hate on white wine so much? It goes so well with food! It's great on a hot day! WHATEVER.

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On First They Came For The Bunny Suits

It's never a good thing when my hometown makes the news.

Probably because my hometown is an awful, awful (and now apparently furry-infested) place.

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On "My family is eating stir-fried dandelions out of yards to keep from starving."

@boyofdestiny OH NOW IT'S ON.

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On "My family is eating stir-fried dandelions out of yards to keep from starving."

@Daniel.CLS Okay, even disregarding the part where you're being a dick ... did you not read the part where this guy has a full-time job now?

I mean, fucking SERIOUSLY, dude. I'm in awe of your obliviousness.

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On Maybe The Best Pizza In New York City


Randell OUT.

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On Eat, Pray, Judge: Pancakes With The Episcopalians

See, now I'm just sad that the Mormon article didn't mention funeral potatoes.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, funeral potatoes.

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On A View From Outside the Temple

Long ago, I read something comparing it to the Cinderella Castle and NOW I CAN'T UNSEE IT. (This is probably why I'm now totally apostate heathen etc.)

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