On The Question

God, this is great. Thanks, Maria.

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On The Scourge Of Pour-Over Coffee

I tried pour-over at that UES Joe a couple weeks ago, too. It took so long that they actually forgot about it. Did it taste different? Of course, as lukewarm coffee will. Exit glass-stage right, please.

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On Have A Drink Of Bourbon, It's Bourbon Day

@Lockheed Ventura

Bargain: Fighting Cock
Midrange: Elmer T. Lee
Splurge: Van Winkle 20yr

That Maker's 46 is pretty great, too, though.

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On St. John’s v. Rutgers: Why 1.7 Seconds Matter

I can only presume this is the cosmic consequence of Rutgers unleashing James O'Keefe on an unsuspecting world.

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