On The Saddest Thing You Can Buy in a Grocery Store Is Salad Dressing

Once you've made homemade blue cheese dressing, the bottled stuff tastes like garbage. You say "I don't have the time/ingredients on hand to make this one all the time!" That's OK, because you shouldn't eat blue cheese dressing all the time. And once you make it, you know why it's so delicious and rich, and you will know you shouldn't eat it all the time. So: learning is healthy!

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On A Friendly PSA: It's "Kenan." Yes. Kenan Thompson.

He's the "ahn-DRAY-uh" Zuckerman of the cast.

Or, Keenen Ivory Wayans became famous first, and the Universe has decided, "well, we've locked down how we spell that name."

Wait, is Megh-not-Meg short for MEEgan-not-MEG-an?

I'm just playing. Everyone's allowed to spell and pronouce their names however they want. The Universe tends toward chaos anyway...

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On Meditations on Glasgow with Gerard Butler

More than a decade after breaking up with someone from Glasgow, I had to double-check that Gerard is a fan of the "correct" team. (Celtic, and yes.) He should choose better movies, though.

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On Modern Love: A (Likely!) Statistical Breakdown Of The Weekly 'New York Times' Column

I've taken to calling the column "Shitty Love."

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On Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?

@blergh I get a lot of free coffees there, too! I just assumed it was because they felt bad they were enabling my ham & cheese croissant addiction (supplemented by a "posh fruit cup" to make it a balanced-ish brekkie).

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On Happy Birthday Sheila E.

@Pandemic Endemic Without love, it ain't much!

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On The G Train Is Back! Who Thought We'd Miss That!?

It caught me off guard this morning, as I mistakenly bounded onto a G at 7th Avenue before realizing that a) The G was back and b) They were rolling big-boy size G trains.

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On The Woolworth Building Has a Nice Lobby and the Terrorists Are Still Winning

I did the exact same thing when I had a seminar in the NYU owned part of the building. I was excited to check out the lobby, then was scooted 'roud the corner to the NYU entrance. To say that crummy beige entrance was a letdown was an understatement.

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On Ask Polly: Should I Quit My Job To Be An Artist?

@bassknives Then she can go be an artist, too!

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On Ask Polly: Should I Quit My Job To Be An Artist?

Pro tip: examine your ambivalent feelings toward being a father before you have three fucking kids. Rebecca, please emotionally (and otherwise) steel yourself for life as a single parent.

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