On Visual Poems by Anthony Madrid and Mark Fletcher

These are as Edward Lear-esque I've read in a long time (that's a compliment)

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On Everything Is Based On Fraud And Deceit And In The End A Handful Of Rich People Will Be Holding On To The Only Things Of Value Left While The Rest Of Us Dance Sexy On Command For Crumbs In The Shanty Towns Outside Their Golden Gates

If it makes you feel any better, the future will be run by people named Brayden and Navaeh, so really, there's not much point in making it till then anyway.

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On Hot New App Already Filled With Garbage

For what it's worth I still think Twitter is pretty stupid...

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On Olives, Ranked

you're dead to me, balk

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On Hard Candy Shell Claims Another Victim: The Slate Redesign

I'm glad the new site has so much white space. My tiny brain couldn't hitherto parse all those letters in one place.

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On Fuck Sunsets

Slate, sensing with incredible alacrity the sudden dropoff in pointless contrarianism on the internet this week, springs boldly into action.

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On No More Reason To Go To Jersey

I have fond memories of driving up there from the Philly area during college to see shows. Of Montreal and the Circulatory System (with Jeff Mangum(!) on drums) played among the best sets I've ever seen there. Just sad all around.

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On Today You Can Buy Queen Mary I's Secret Trump Card

Jumping on the Old English train. This would technically be Early Modern English, a category shared by Willy S. himself. Otherwise, good stuff.

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On New York City to Ban Awls

Are they banning all awls? Just the more common barn and barred awls, or the whole lot, including the Spotted awl and the Great Snowy awl?

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On England Totally Thinks The Rest Of The World Can't Tell It's Drunk

If only the moon were somehow involved...

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