On My Summer on the Content Farm

Just to add, you can't even put Demand Media on your resume, or at least you shouldn't, if you want to get a decent job in publishing. I have been told this by many people who do have decent publishing jobs. Here is what "Demand Media" on a resume tells the hiring manager about an applicant: gullible, low self-esteem, low motivation, substandard writing and/or editing skills, low ambition, desperate for work, possible agoraphobic, doesn't know any better than to list Demand Media on his/her resume.

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On My Summer on the Content Farm

When I told some friends who freelance I was going to apply to work for Demand Media, they immediately had an intervention. "Demand Media is the crap chute of the Internet," one told me. I didn't listen, and several months later, it struck me: "I'm too good for this. I'd rather wait a week for a project for a major publisher than do this. I'd rather wait tables. There's dignity in that." The money is bad, the people who are your "copy chiefs" are retarded and rude, and their quota system makes it a sweat shop atmosphere. And their huge set of rules! I printed them all out and share them with freelance colleagues when we are working together, and they shake their heads. The list of "blacklisted" reference, sources, and websites is ten pages long. The more I read about them, the more sad I get about our culture. I can't be a cog in the crap spigot of the information world.

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On One Nuclear Bomb Will Ruin Your Whole Startup Bubble

In my head, the Startup Bus resembles Dante's Inferno, only Ptolemy is wearing headgear and Judas has an early 90s goatee. And they are on a very short bus.

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