By ImThraxx on Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@melis "For a lot of women, a lot of the time, they will say no in a form they would recognize."

Rather than being a male-female thing, this strikes me as a human communication problem- we try to communicate our preferences to other human beings, and even though we recognize that there is potential for that communication to fail and our preferences to be misconstrued, we still are unable to tailor our communications to ensure that they'll be properly interpreted by the recipient.

Like I don't really understand why there is a need to gender this, this is essentially the human condition. Sure, it manifests itself in male-female contexts like hetero consent vs assault, but it also manifests itself in everything else, all the time.

Ironically my take on PUAs is that they have a similar misapprehension- they go on and on about how easy women are to manipulate, failing to see that all humans are pretty easy to manipulate.

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By melis on "House of Cards," Episodes 1-3: Bloggers With Their Wine

Because of this, I will watch this show, but also: Kate Mara. Kristen Stewart is going to have to make room.

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By Kateness on "Roseanne" Or "Frasier"?

Frasier. Always. I love Roseanne, but Frasier is my favorite. I mean, remember the episode where Frasier is dating a Jewish woman and Niles is at Frasier's apartment dressed up as Jesus when the Jewish woman's mother comes to visit? Brilliant.

But luckily for everyone, they're both available on Netflix watch instant.

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