On Get Up To Speed On The Issues Behind The British Badger Cull

Badgers? BADGERS? We don't need no stickin' badgers!

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On Why Won't You Racists Let Us Talk During Movies?

I'm totally unsurprised that Hunter Walk and Anil Dash have teamed up.

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On Feminist: Why Are All These Women So Whorey?

I was with you until you used 'double standard' as a verb.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@Xenu01 It's clearly not (mostly) dating advice, but that's not an inherently bad thing, as long as dudes* are upfront about just wanting to score. And yeah, just from what I've read about it online, there are a lot of unacceptable things in the PUA toolbox besides consent issues (negging and plain ol' lying are the two that leap to mind). But it doesn't necessarily follow that getting better at the interactions leading to hooking up involves anything unethical.

*there is no equivalent manual for women to pick up dudes because no one would pay for a leaflet, but The Rules and many books like it exist

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

This interview did not really assuage my concerns about how much the author bumps up against the line of consent. Still seems hell of creepy to me.

That said, I have to disagree with the comments implying/stating that ANY sort of advice on picking up women is dehumanizing, since the argument proves far too much. It would imply the same about Dale Carnegie, sales seminars, or any other general advice on improving social skills instrumentally. There's an -ism that might line up with that, but it ain't feminism, if ya dig my meaning.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@Xenu01 I'd be interested to see that study. The one I remember, where researchers had dudes observe male/female interactions in bars and decide whether the woman was interested, indicated that the dudes might as well have been trying to use ESP. The hit rate was barely above chance, and there was no type I/II bias; the subjects were just plain clueless.

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On Zap People Pretty

As we speak, college bars all over the country are scheming to put brain-shock machines next to Golden Tee.

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On Lines: The Great Equalizer

This article REALLY didn't go where the headline led me to believe it would.

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On Why Can't We All Acknowledge Baz Luhrmann's Genius?

I can't get past the use of "technicolour," which is a proper noun, and thus should be both capitalized and spelled correctly. Presumptuous Aussie tosser.

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On Chicks Dig Musicians: Study

And the Daily Mail's war on understanding statistics continues.

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