On Man Finds Album Underwhelming

I don't know what I disliked more--the way the review was written (and how damn much of it there was), or the one song by them that the dude said he liked. I played maybe 15 seconds of that before I decided it was the worst thing I'd heard since "Break Up."

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On The Top 40 #1 Hits In The History Of Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart, In Order

No real complaints except that only one Beatles song seems...insufficient. "Waterfalls" (which still SOUNDS good but those lyrics, man...) could probably go to make room for "Day Tripper" or "Penny Lane," imho.

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On Deval Patrick For President

This is surprising, because it's usually Republican politicians who get caught on camera with bears.

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On Should You Be Allowed To Work From Home? (Answer: No)

@Smitros That's actually kind of an eerie resemblance. But it does NOT explain:

* The dude who tucked his shirt in to his shiny silver slacks but didn't wear a belt

* How obviously fake the computers are

* And most importantly, THE WALLS. I don't care if you're at work, at home, or in an ashram. You aren't getting shit done if your walls look like the opening for The Electric Company.

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On Should You Be Allowed To Work From Home? (Answer: No)

Dafuq is going on in that stock photo?

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On Can You Construct A Functional Joke About A 9-Year-Old At The Oscars?

Honestly, it seems like the sort of thing that's going to happen sometimes when you try to do edgy satire in real time. Worth an apology, not worth the huge stink about it.

Also, why do people care so much about Anne Hathaway one way or the other?

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On Hollywood, Stop Botching Your Third Movies

I agree with pretty much everything here, except for classifying Mallrats as a decent movie. The Jay and Silent Bob scenes were funny, but the rest of it was awful (it's been a long time, but I remember thinking that all the other characters really sucked).

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On I Will Spend The Rest Of My Day, Week, Month, Year, Etc. Staring At This Interactive, High Resolution, Panoramic View From Top Of The Burj Khalifa Building And So Should You

The Wiz Khalifa panorama, on the other hand, is just downtown Pittsburgh through a haze of weed smoke.

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On Man Hates Self, Twitter

When the best example you can come up with for something "turning into a dark place" is people making fun of Wayne LaPierre, it might be time to delete your draft and write a different piece.

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On Here Comes The Race Of One-Breasted German Superwarriors

Wir müssen! Wir müssen! Wir müssen unsere Büste!

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