On Just Stick Another Star In There Somewhere

We just posted about this on my flag blog (yes, flag blog!):

I personally think a change in flag will single-handedly fix the economy.

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On 10 Rap Songs On Which Ladies Outshine Their Male Counterparts


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On Our Obsession with the Word "Random": Fear of a Millennial Planet

This looks pretty much like the same problem that people used to have with 'literally'. Seems like the only reason people rail over it is because they don't want to be lumped in with those idiots who don't even know how to use 'random' properly. Michael Cera's character pretended not to be bothered by it in one of those movies where he was too afraid to talk to a girl who wasn't really worth talking to anyway, and thus we saw that even though he didn't say anything, he knew better... just like us. This is a pretty long article that appeals to a lot of figures of authority on a subject that really doesn't necessitate it.

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