On Krampus Comes This Weekend! Beware Sinister Saint Nick Sidekicks

@erikonymous & Mar Yes!!! So dark! And didn't you kinda think that Pottersville looked way more fun than the regular town?

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On 101 MTV Movie Awards "Best Kiss" Nominees, In Order Of Hotness

Even more disturbingly, a lot of Cameron Diaz. And where are Ellen Barkin & Dennis Quaid in "The Big Easy"? She is STILL hot.

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On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

@barnhouse & C_Webb: Yes, Daniel Deronda's not making the list is wrong, and Casaubon should definitely be dead last. I mean, he's like, mummified and stuff and does evil shit from beyond the grave.

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On Pies, In Order

@Vivien Smith-Smythe-Smith: Ah, but it was a Knifecrime Island innovation to actually introduce meat to dessert, in form of mince pie. But I share your revulsion for vegetables masquerading as dessert.

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On Why We Shouldn't Treat Rap As Poetry

Sigh. Let's go over it again. "Performative" is not a fancy-ass synonym for "performed," okay? Songs are not "performative." They are "performed." A marriage oath, a swearing-in ceremony, a priest's blessing over the eucharist -- something that effects a transformation by its utterance, is performative. Don't try to sound like the half-wit academics you're justifiably taking to task by referring to "rap's performative aspects."

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On Liberty Tax Service: Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Be Franchisees

All of the LTS costumed-dancing-sign-waving folks around here are special needs/developmentally disabled people who genuinely seem happy to have the job.

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On Six Writers Tell All About Covers and Blurbs

Wow. In academic publishing they let you choose your cover image, typeface, banner color, everything. And if you don't like the mock-up, they'll change it. Of course, these are books no one's ever going to read.

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On The New Decemberists Album: It Contains 100% Less Raping

Also stupid: "maidenhead" means "hymen," or "virginity," not pussy.

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