On I Guess If You Are Drinking Water With Your Meals You Need All The Help You Can Get

How does it taste with two pina coladas and four shots of rum?

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On James Gandolfini, 1961-2013

I watched the final scene last night three times...there is no other conclusion to be had other than Members Only Guy taking Tony out after getting the gun from the bathroom. God speed Tony, hope you find the ducks.

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On Squirrel-Dumping Epidemic Engulfs Canada

Squirrels are just rats in cute outfits.

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On Martin Scorsese Will Keep Making 'Goodfellas' Until Everyone In America Who Was Alive In 1991 Apologizes

He got his sympathy Oscar for "The Departed".

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On Violists: The Imbecile Scumbags Of The Orchestra

Also little known, most viola players are the middle child.

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On Woah! It's Lame Twitter


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On Questions Answered

I stopped reading that article when the author misused the word "jive", rather than use the correct word "jibe". I hate that.

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On Job Open

Hire Joe Muto.

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On Woman Refuses To Pretend That Brooklyn Is As Good As Manhattan

Yeah, well you can't surf in Manhattan.

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On Beaver Camera-Shy

The beaver lodged a complaint.

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 12:15 pm 2