On In California, the Winners Aren't Apologizing To God For Being Liberal

@Mari D at the most basic level, real estate is a fixed, finite and unique resource, and the best way to encourage people to make more productive use of land is to tax them based on how much land they own (and where). Real estate costs more in CA than Iowa because knowledge workers produce more value per square foot than corn farmers, and they compete for more limited space. The property market does occasionally "go nuts" but the solution is to fix real estate bubbles, not ditch property taxes.

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On The CDs You'll Never Be Able To Get Rid Of

@SeanP damn the man! save the empire!

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On A Takedown of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

@Niko Bellic Uh, thanks for the lesson? I was unclear, so I'll try again. Yes, the evil was pervasive, but so is the acknowledgement of it. You can't walk down a street in Munich or Berlin or Salzburg without passing the markers in front of houses where holocaust victims lived. It's taught extensively in the schools, and the sites are all preserved. In another generation or two, maybe people will need a stronger lesson, because it will feel so distant. But rubbing salt in that wound now - reminding them of something they can't forget - will only prevent the wound from healing. To suggest that ordinary Germans today can somehow do more to atone for crimes that they did not personally commit is, in my eyes, unfair and unproductive.

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On A Takedown of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

I know there are still living WWII vets, for a few more years at least. Honestly though, how do you suppose people should take ownership of atrocities committed by their grandfathers? It's too recent to view dispassionately, but not recent enough to be a living memory for a majority of the population. We don't do a great job in the US of owning up to our forebears' treatment of american indians or black slaves. The conversations we do have would likely go away without members of those groups still agitating to keep it alive.

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On Two Nights in Madison's Capitol: The Great Class War Sleepover

I hope that's not the result. removing powers from the minority will only further polarize politics. Instead, I hope it makes the majority realize that they can't run roughshod over the minority without compromising to win broad support. That's a good result, no matter your party.

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