On August: Assange County

Delectable story, pinpoint writing by Mr.O'Hagan. Sidles up to testimony; Assange long had that tinge of greasy desperation and O'Hagan superbly illuminates his sadness. And he remains classy in his frank and fair support of all sides of Assange. This piece was highly rewarding; his structure well-built. Can't recommend enough and thanks for the tip Awls.

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On The Tetris Effect

Anybody got a cheat code so I can write like this?

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On Obama Setting Records on Deportation

And everyone laughed at me in 2009 when I said he was a Republican sleeper agent. And I'm telling you now, Rick Perry IS the antichrist. But don't worry, the ataxaritic catalysm of 2012 will line up with the Harmonica Virgins at galactic center and transport our galaxy into the dreamtime!

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On A Report from the Occupation of Wall Street

Situationist drama always seems to devolve into incomprehensibility. I respect the consensual reality thing, but without concrete leadership it won't have enough of a focus to inspire fat & entertained Americans to show support. We need the courts back. We need an honest discussion of opening up the Fed. I wish they'd at least try asking for something, such as CEOs relinquishing pay or forgiveness of debts. Or make an attempt to levitate a building or something.

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