Your Donations Made A Difference

From commenter fenkalevobocek in Your Donations Are Off to Madison: READ MORE

From the Comments: Mansplaining the Currency of Outrage

Unsurprisingly, people had a lot to say about feminism and The Daily Show and Jezebel and Emily Gould and the attention economy yesterday. One very, very long comment came late in the game! READ MORE

Less Stupid: The Internet Is 10,000 Unanswered Questions

A long weekend with refreshments restores the refined spirit and intellect. We returned to a shortened work week, full of dreadful creativity and wonderment. We had questions-and commenters were going to ask those questions, answers be damned. READ MORE

Less Stupid: Who's Cisgender Now?

And now we turn our attention to the comments section of this website. Earnest political discussion! Apparently, it's not just for people with Aspergers and the elderly. It's also for those who take issue with Bill Henrickson's pleated pants.  READ MORE

Less Stupid: Two for the Road

It seems like only yesterday when this website hit the 100,000 comment mark. Which it was. In recognition of that auspicious event, I asked if The Awl would consider regular posts where less stupid comments are highlighted for awl to enjoy. READ MORE