On 11 Completely Scientific, Not At All Dubious Diets From Our Recent Past

Actually the Atkins diet is going through a resurgence now. It's now the Primal Diet, so if it's not something cavemen would have eaten, then it's off the list. So red meat and veggies are good. Grains are bad. (Running barefoot or in Vibrams is also highly encouraged.)

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On More Dumb Ideas About Education

@Tulletilsynet The map graphic is great. He's showing where the best grocery stores are, with a definite lack of them in poorer, blacker neighborhoods.

You want the best grocery stores? You better be rich and white. If you are poor and/or black, you get stuck with crappy or no grocery stores - as the food deserts link he mentions later in that paragraph talks about.

The problem we have with schools is that if you are poor you end up in a crappy school. If we ran our schools like the grocery stores companies ran their stores ... poor kids would end up in a crappy school or NO school at all. Doesn't exactly fix the problem.

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On How To Share Big Files

That's 1G total. Individual file limits are 10MB (as I learned the hard way yesterday.)

So trying to share 25MB file via Google Docs? Not going to work.

(Caveat: the 10MB limit applied to PPT docs, although I would be really surprised if limits were different excel docs.)

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On How to Watch Al Jazeera on Your Television

Option 3, if you have an LCD/LED/Plasma TV:

1. Buy a cheap, refurbed desktop from Amazon. (Under $200)
2. Buy a wireless keyboard/mouse ($25)

Now anything you can watch on your laptop, you can watch on your TV: Youtube, Al Jazeera, Hulu, torrents ...

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