On Dudes Who Totally Dig Giant Racks Probably Not On The Front Lines Of Feminism

Your headline is better than mine.

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On Some Advice for Young People

Going cold on someone is a drama queen move itself. It makes you part of the games instead of above them. Don't let them drag you into drama or acknowledge outlandish accusations, but try try try to keep your cool, appreciate that person's insecurities, keep your distance, but stay positive. Everyone has value. It's great if it doesn't bother you when someone hates you, but it should bother you when you contribute to a self-conscious, insecure person hating themselves.

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On I Want To Be An Old Man

I think about this all the time! I look at CT scans of people's brains, and you can usually tell from across the room what decade of life the person is in. The appearance of your brain changes with age just like of the rest of your body. Some people's senescent brains are so shrunken and ischemic it's difficult to imagine them still functioning in a way that's recognizable as human. And your instinct it to think that's sad. But then you go shake their hand, and rarely are you meeting someone mired in existential crisis. Usually more of a lunch crisis. But also, use your brain while it's plump. Every day it's getting smaller. But don't let that cause anxiety. Ok go

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On It's Cute That New York is Slowly Catching Up with Wisconsin

@Niko Bellic it's this play on the name I was given at birth. In that it is. I use it in everyday life, also, in a kind of vintage "this is what my birth certificate says" sort of way.

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On It's Cute That New York is Slowly Catching Up with Wisconsin

But it's that these things are done with a winking inauthenticity that makes them "cool" in certain settings and everyday in others. Like, we're playing cornhole, but we're not REALLY playing cornhole. But also, we are. Get it? Neither do we.

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