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By melis on The Mandarin Oriental's "Social Media Cocktails"

Geocities gimlets also available at the cache-only bar.

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By roboloki on Chris Hughes Announces Himself Lord God King of 'New Republic'

@jfruh we call those people a "murdoch".

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By SeanP on Chris Hughes Announces Himself Lord God King of 'New Republic'

"Hughes will! And now he has taken the title of "Editor and Publisher" of TNR, whose mindshare was stolen by The Atlantic, Talking Points Memo, and Slate, Salon and probably Thought Catalog."

Oooh, burn.

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By Multiphasic on I Am the World's Worst Sperm Donor

So... we're actively engaged in selectively breeding humans for the propensity to become aroused in a morgue?

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By My Number Is My Address on The Architect, The "It” Girl And The Toy Pistol That Wasn't

@Chris Roberts@facebook Ladies and gentleman, Louis Sullivan's ghost.

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By Amasa Amos on The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

“This might sound kind of shitty, but for me, I’m such an open person.... I’ve posted myself drunkenly masturbating, I’ve posted my phone number. I don’t really care. I’m mentally strong I guess. I can handle this shit, but I guess there’s some people who can’t"

Can you spot the difference between posting your own personal information and someone else posting that information without your knowledge or consent? If not, you fail at life.

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By NFK on Maybe Shouting At Your Penis Will Work

So, would this new treatment work for Captain Hammer?

"See, Penny's giving it up, she's giving it up hard. Cause she's with Captain Hammer. And these [holds up fists] are not the hammer."

[walks away, comes back] "The hammer is my penis."

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By Jay Kang on "Reality singing is the most noble gladiatorial competition of our culture"


Lakoda Rayne is offensive on like ten levels. It's offensive to Native Americans. Offensive to porn stars who have thought up much better names. It's offensive to token brunettes. Offensive to the Dixie Chicks, even.

Also, don't I get to save my seat for at least 6 months as the Awl's American Idol expert? Are we really living in such transient times? I'm going to go buy coffee at McDonalds and this time I'm going to just go ahead and buy the breakfast burritos because really, who gives a shit anymore?

And Cho, don't tell me to shut up this time. YOU'RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!

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By Mandy Manray@facebook on New Yorkers Terribly Disappointed At Lack Of Chaos, Mayhem

Yeah the NYer "that's it?" complaints have been irritating since Irene actually did cause a world of trouble just about everywhere except the city.

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Play "David Cameron Gets Shirty: The Videogame"

/nerdrage on
The article's author would have you believe it's a text-based adventure game, but it's not, in the strict sense. Text-based adventure games only have text, regardless of what Wikipedia would have you think, so it's a graphic adventure game, because it has graphics. There is an actual difference and THEY ARE DIFFERENT GENRES, and yet you namedrop Monkey Island, so OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE A CLUE BUT NOT ENOUGH OF ONE, stupid independent.co.uk writer. Anyway, HOW APPROPRIATE, YOU FIGHT LIKE A COW.
/nerdrage off, breathes heavily into paper bag

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