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Toronto Thinks People Are Actually Giving It A Lot Of Thought

"Canada's largest city, where I grew up, is a sprawling, crowded, diverse, fabulously wealthy and increasingly exciting place. It's Canada's New York City (the nation's finance capital), San Francisco (technology) and Los Angeles (entertainment) put together, and is by almost every measure a world-class city. There's only one thing holding it back: An adolescent's obsession over what other people think of it." —Did you know that people who live in Toronto are called Torontonians? I mean, I guess it makes sense, but I never really spent any time considering the nomenclature, because, you know, it's Toronto. It may [...]


'Observer' Lessons in Home Eugenics Grow Ever Less-Shocking

• "Brave New Boutique: Baby Sex Selection Sold On East Side," July 24, 2006: "Given the aggressive fertility of New York's breeding set, it was only a matter of time before the joys of elective sex-selection took root in the Land of Milk and Bugaboos, the epicenter of the Gen-X/Y baby boomlet, New York City."

• "Genetic Engineering for the Preteen Set," March 30, 2010: "Atlas, a Boulder, Colo., company that previously specialized in growth supplements, last year introduced a take-at-home test that detects the presence of a variant of the ACTN3 gene that blocks the expression of the alpha-actinin-e protein. This protein, expressed in both copies of [...]


Hair Curliness Explained

What makes hair curly? The answer is here, but let me warn you: it's boring. Oh my God, it's SO BORING. I wanted something involving wizards or whatever.


States Sleepy

What is the sleepiest state? The one I'm in right now! No, seriously, I have been tossing and turning for the last couple of days, and this weather certainly isn't helping. Man, now I want a nap.