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Nobody Gets Enough Sleep, Okay?

Yeah, listen up, hectoring Englishman: Everyone is sleep deprived. We live in a world of shiny devices flashing bright lights at us twenty-four hours a day. We are constantly being buzzed at on the phones we carry around with us like security blankets by inconsiderate friends or employers. Our background noise is rich women calling each other effing b's on the giant television screens we always have running to drown out the oppressive sounds of silence. Even our chewing gum has caffeine in it. So yes, we're all tired. Don't try to make us feel like shit because maybe we miss a couple of things on your stupid observation [...]


Some Advice On Sleeping

Man, I love to sleep. Sleeping is one of my Super Powers, I’m not kidding, I can go to sleep anywhere, any time, on any mode of transportation, I can achieve the Rapid Eye Movement or whatever the good part of sleep is right away. I can get a good night’s sleep, like eight hours, nine hours, ten hours, eleven hours, and come to and still be looking forward to a nap later, or maybe even a little lie-down after I get up and perform my morning ablutions, or afternoon-blutions, even. What’s for breakfast, lunch? Twelve hours, I can sleep.

Sleeping, to me, is one of the most enjoyable things [...]


Toronto Thinks People Are Actually Giving It A Lot Of Thought

"Canada's largest city, where I grew up, is a sprawling, crowded, diverse, fabulously wealthy and increasingly exciting place. It's Canada's New York City (the nation's finance capital), San Francisco (technology) and Los Angeles (entertainment) put together, and is by almost every measure a world-class city. There's only one thing holding it back: An adolescent's obsession over what other people think of it." —Did you know that people who live in Toronto are called Torontonians? I mean, I guess it makes sense, but I never really spent any time considering the nomenclature, because, you know, it's Toronto. It may [...]


States Sleepy

What is the sleepiest state? The one I'm in right now! No, seriously, I have been tossing and turning for the last couple of days, and this weather certainly isn't helping. Man, now I want a nap.


Can We Start Again?

Okay, well, after a weird couple of weeks where the natural order of things was forced to contend with the grave disturbance of front-loaded holiday time, we have returned to what is more or less the first real week of the year. How does it feel? Yeah, I know, me too. Let's ease back into things as casually as possible, by which I mean funny animal stories (I think we've got an otter post coming up for you at some point this morning) and bear videos. If you are expecting the dulcet tones of Choire Sicha in this space alerting you about events around town, I am sorry [...]


Eliot Spitzer Against The New York Fed!

Eliot Spitzer is back on Slate, with a very exciting diatribe about how General Electric made significant gains from the New York Fed's liquidity incentives to the commercial paper market last year, even though the chairman of GE is the only real "people's representative" on the board of the Fed! If only anyone in America knew what any of these words meant, there would be trouble!