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After they dined on Napoleon’s horses, the Parisians ate all the feral cats and stray dogs they could find. It was 1870, and the real politicking of Otto von Bismarck had brought Prussian forces to France. The siege of Paris began on September 19th, and over the next four months the Parisians would eat every horse, donkey, dog, cat and rat within the city’s walls. When they ran out of those, they turned to the city’s zoo, in the Jardin de Plantes.

The deer and antelope were the first to go, looking comfortably like the horses and donkeys that had filled menus during the first few weeks of the [...]


Tell Me About The Rabbits, Germany

"Then the farmer hit the rabbit with the hammer. One child fainted, others burst into tears. Next, he slit the animal's throat with a knife, gutted the body, skinned it and hung it up to drain. The next day, the rabbit was grilled in the school yard and eaten—in Stone Age style, naturally, on a hot stone. Some mothers and fathers who had attended the feast had also tried it, the farmer recalled." —A farmer in the North German town of Ratekau caused a stir with a demonstration he gave during "Stone Age Week," part of a local school's 5th-grade curriculum. Thirty students signed a petition to save the [...]


Birds Need Antidepressants To Survive Living In England

At the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary in the northeast of England (England, for the uninitiated, is a series of small wet rocks in the North Atlantic Ocean), penguins have been given anti-depressants because penguins are apparently pretty perceptive and are aware of the awful place in which they live. This winter has been the wettest on record in Scarborough, and while the Humboldt penguin (native to coastal Chile) is perfectly capable of dealing with brutal cold, these particular penguins are no match for the psyche-destroying sleet of an English winter. Hopefully they'll be kept away from the knives.

Photo by Fruggo


Who Likes The Snow In New York? Tigers, Monkeys and Bears

So, that was January, 2011 in New York: 31 straight days with snow on the ground. Thirty-six total inches—a new all-time record for the month! And there's more to come as February gets started. I've been hearing a lot of complaining about it from humans. But you know who you don't hear complaining about it? Tigers. Or monkeys.


It's Still Somehow This Week

Remember when I was all "It feels like it should be, like, Thursday of NEXT WEEK already. Man, I do not see how we're getting to Friday at this rate"? You are probably saying, yes, Alex, I remember, it was like ten minutes ago, but NO, YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG, because it was two actual days back and here we are, not at Friday, with a whole hunk of day to get through before we can even consider the possibility that a Friday might yet occur. I have a theory that we are all, still, over a [...]


Rough Day For Polar Bears As PETA Wants Knut To Be Neutered

Damn. PETA is calling for the world's most famous polar bear to be castrated. Apparently, three-year-old Knut, star of the Berlin zoo has been getting very close to Giovanna, a female bear handlers brought to his pen last year while hers went under construction. Unfortunately, there's a snag. PETA's zoo expert and polar bear cock-blocker Frank Albrecht says that Knut and Giovanna should not be allowed to mate because they are cousins. As Discovery reports, "Any offspring would threaten the genetic diversity of the polar bear population in Germany and risk exposing the bear couple to a condition known as "incest depression…" I guess that makes sense. It would [...]