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Cristina De Middel, "The Afronauts"

"In 1964, a Zambian school teacher, Edward Mukuka Nkoloso, dreamed of flying to the moon. He urged the Zambian government to establish an African space program that would compete head on with NASA and the Soviets to place astronauts on the moon. Zambian officials listened politely, and then got on with more earthly problems, like building hospitals and schools. So Nkoloso built his own space academy in an abandoned farmhouse near the Zambian capital and began training young African men and women to become astronauts. His techniques were unconventional." —The Last Word on Nothing points us to an amazing short film by Spanish artist and photojournalist Cristina [...]


Zambia's Funniest Home Videos

Just because, please enjoy this video of Zambian president Rupiah Banda being showered by a monkey during a press conference. "You have urinated on my jacket," Banda told the monkey before suggesting that he would give the primate to the leader of Zambia's opposition party "for lunch." Hopefully my posting this video is not some kind of foreshadowing of the tenor of the day, but I've been in this business long enough to know not to make any promises.