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Oh Good, We Bombed a Library

Things in Libya are… God, this is depressing. But we've apparently done great damage to Gaddafi's Bab al-Azizya compound! Take that, books and files! Worry not, Lindsey Graham and John McCain are out agitating for us to just assassinate Gaddafi. (I'm pretty sure that's what "cut the head of the snake off" means.) You know: the American way.

Elsewhere? Much worse! Apparently government troops are firing on protesters in Yemen today, and, after the horrific weekend in Syria, "Syrian troops and tanks have entered the city of Deraa, where the protests against the Assad regime began last month. Troops reportedly opened fire randomly on people and [...]


Your Morning "Middle East" Primer

Oman: Not only is there a protest movement growing, it's actually being covered by the country's media—which exists in an uneasy state between self-censored and intimidated.

Libya: There is essentially an under-weaponed ground war under way in Libya. Between 1000 and 2000 people have died; in the last 12 hours, Gaddafi loyalists have seized and then lost Al Brega, an oil town in the east. Many see a chance to leave: "The Tunisian government says at least 80,000 people have crossed into the country from Libya in the past week, with many more expected." Gaddafi is trying to recall his U.N. ambassadors, who have renounced [...]


Cairo Prepares for Biggest Demonstrations Yet

One fascinating development in Egypt: even the Cairo papers are displaying front-page photos of the protests. They almost have to: more than a thousand people have been arrested. It should also be noted that very substantial demonstrations are happening in non-Cairo cities, like Ismailia and Suez. Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Mohamed ElBaradei is supposedly en route to Cairo, and may become an opposition candidate. Tomorrow's demonstrations are expected to be massive. According to the FT? "Currency and stocks slide amid more violence"! Which, yes, the Egyptian stock market had a massive tumble, and was suspended, but I'm pretty sure it's not related to "violence" [...]