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Headline Contains Words

"Facebook’s New Branch Hire Tweets About His Medium Posts" is definitely the headline of the day, if not the year. Don't have any idea what it means? Then you will be left behind in a meaningless netherworld of oldness and sadness. Congratulations to Peter Kafka of <re/code> for this one. What's that strange series of letters and symbols, you ask? You poor thing, we should just put you down. How are you going to survive when you have to drive your lightcycle around the grid in a deathrace for survival? (via)


'Times' Makeup Tips: OMG, Foundation is Haaaaaard

"Applying foundation can be hard to get right, but makeup professionals say that a little practice pays off." - Dear women, is this Times tidbit true??? Is "foundation" a particularly "hard makeup" to "apply"?


No, Really: Is Adkeeper a Prank?

Adkeeper, the mysterious new startup that is a service… for web readers… to "clip and save" ads… has pushed back its launch date to Valentine's Day. They have raised $43 million in investment money. So with some of that money, they're going to… give six months of free advertising… to some of the country's biggest companies. (McDonald's! Sears!) AND THEN the CEO said the potential audience size was “twice as big as Twitter." Here's a bold prediction from Henry Blodget: "It will either work and get huge, or it will flop and be worthless." I'm not much of a visionary! (Seriously.) But is it crazy that [...]


The Weekend Was Really Icy For Bros

Apart from reports of icings late on Friday at Pitchfork and various other late-in-the-day icings, we also heard that the author of our post on "Bros Icing Bros" was iced three times on Saturday alone. (We expect an update later. When he gets out of the hospital, I guess.) Will this nightmare never end? No, because here are Salon's Alex Pareene, Gawker's Hamilton Nolan and NY1's Roger Clark getting iced at the mini-putt.


Mashups: The Other Time that Prince Met Kate Bush

Did you know you needed to hear a mashup of "Running Up That Hill" and "Sign o' the Times"? (Historians of the 80s will know, of course, that Kate Bush is Prince's "favorite woman," and will already have both their collaborations, "My Computer" and "Why Should I Love You?") (via, via)