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This Social Network Changed How News Works. But Then It Made Some News Of Its Own.

The first mainstream story about the now-notorious Facebook "psychology experiment" study was cautious, even sober. "Even online, emotions can be contagious," New Scientist's headline said. It maintained its tone: [Facebook] manipulated which posts showed up on the news feeds of more than 600,000 Facebook users. For one week, some users saw fewer posts with negative emotional words than usual, while others saw fewer posts with positive ones. …

People were more likely to use positive words in Facebook posts if they had been exposed to fewer negative posts throughout the week, and vice versa. The effect was significant, though modest.

This story was doomed, in the internet sense, from [...]


Local Genius Invents "100% Frozen Alcohol" Drinks for Malls!

"I've also developed Frozen I.C.E.Bergs, our patent pending method of producing 100% Frozen Alcohol." —HOW IS IT POSSIBLE NO ONE HAS GIVEN THIS GENIUS HERO A SINGLE DIME ON KICKSTARTER YET? He wants to give people at Macy's 200-proof cocktails!