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William Shatner, Reddit, And The Complications Of "Free Speech" On The Internet

Yakkin' About The Internet is an ongoing series by Whitney Phillips and Kate Miltner. Whitney recently completed her PhD dissertation on trolls; Kate wrote her Masters thesis on LOLCats—yep! Up for discussion today: William Shatner's visit to Reddit, community moderation, and the complexities of "free speech" on the internet.

Whitney: Two weeks ago, William Shatner tweeted with Chris Hadfield, an astronaut stationed at the International Space Station. This resulted in the ENTIRE INTERNET BEING WON by Shatner, at least according to this Reddit thread. Apparently the 81-year-old Shatner got wind of the thread, and promptly created an account. He then proceeded to spend the next [...]


Twitter-Themed TV Show's Censorship Sets Sail

Correction: The William Shatner-led sitcom adaptation of the "Shit My Dad Says" Twitter feed has been dubbed Bleep My Dad Says, not Shat My Dad Says as originally hoped/feared. Although is "Bleep" that much better? Either way, it will be pitted against 30 Rock, which I'm sure will have something to say about its combination of stunt casting and silly titling, at 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursdays.


The Late Late Sloane

Set your DVRs for tomorrow's edition of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" (check your local listings, but c'mon, it's CBS after Letterman), which will feature an appearance by Awl pal Sloane Crosley. The other guest is William Shatner, so there's a very good chance that Sloane's next collection will be called I Don't Want To Talk About Sulu.


When Memes Collide: Shatner, Twitter To Come Together In Prime Time

CBS has picked up the sitcom based on the "ha ha crusty old guys are hilarious" Twitter known as Shit My Dad Says. The show will need to have its name changed to avoid the wrath of the FCC, though, and it would appear that it's now called… Shat My Dad Says. Because it stars William Shatner as the ever-quipping father! Do you see? No? Well, something tells me that not a lot of people will, and that this show will be the TV-show equivalent of Snakes On A Plane unless it somehow lines up a Priceline sponsorship to keep it afloat.


The William Shatner Twitter Show Will Apparently Meet One Set Of Expectations

Would the above clips from the barreling-down-the-pike CBS comedy Bleep My Dad Says — based on the Shit My Dad Says Twitter account — be funnier if they were without a laugh track? Or if they were uttered by someone a little less self-aware than William "Priceline Negotiator Slash Ben Folds Collaborator" Shatner? Or without the protestations that this show, despite its salty title, has, you know, heart and is relatable and above all is actually a depiction of a man who's totally free (but not allowed to swear as much as he does on the Internet)? I'm going to guess "probably not." Yeah. [Via]


William Shatner Performs Sarah Palin's Resignation Address

It is simultaneously tragic and magical that we live in a world where this exists.