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You Slept With Too Many Men At Work, And Other Reasons Why You Ladies Are Single


"Things Co-Workers Have Shown Me That Are Worse Than A Sports-Bra"

"Things Co-Workers Have Shown Me That Are Worse Than A Sports-Bra," by a lady who apparently works at Gomorrah Slag and Harlot LLP:

* bites on chest sustained during sex with bitey new guy.

* various and sundry rashes

* impressive bruises all over butt from being (consensually) spanked

* the place on the floor of an office where sex was had the night before, including the wet spot.


America's Growth Industries: Whoredom, LOLGifs

"In this third year of the Great Recession, it’s starting to set in for a lot of people that the rest of their lives will be, at best, a grim struggle. From early forced retirement for people who have no financial cushion to retire upon to the tens of millions of jobless younger adults still living with mom and (occasionally) dad, for all but the top 5%, it’s just a long hard slog from here on out. That’s why more and more new 'Internet companies' are based on the model of the whorehouse: Are you a reasonably attractive poor woman who doesn’t yet look 'used up'? Then you [...]


Texas Has A Whorehouse In It

In the space of twenty years Texas Republicans have gone from fondly reminiscing about being serviced by whores to demonizing whorehouses altogether. I suppose that's progress of a sort?


Having an iPhone Doesn't Mean You're Necessarily a Slut

The data suggests that iPhone users have more sex.

I'd suggest that iPhone users are 1. more likely to live in big cities and 2. to work in fields where they don't have to carry a BlackBerry. You know: slutty fields-like architecture and graphic design and book publishing. And in big cities-where everyone is already a whore. So the iPhone is just a general marker. Like a Foursquare badge. But for casual sex.