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On Being An "Irritant To The Institution" At The Whitney Biennial

My thoughts on the Whitney Biennial are still… congealing (???), which is good! Usually I hit the Biennial and have a snap and often dismissive opinion. This one I actually… want to return again maybe? Meanwhile here is a thoughtful interview with one of the three curators, Michelle Grabner, who is also the first artist to serve in that capacity.

One thing I did note is that the queers 'n' homos showed really well, like Keith Mayerson (above) and Zoe Leonard and Gary Indiana—and so did the painters, which is always heartwarming.


"A Suicide Bombing By Invitation Only" at the Whitney Museum

Lars Jan is walking up to his crew and asking if they are comfortable. He moves toward Chat Logs– the noisier half of his team of musicians. It's hard to say if they are comfortable, really. They are about to play the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, the crowd is getting rather large and they are hooked up to a Martin Kersels sculpture that wasn't really intended to promote sound. They are turning knobs and shifting their weight around. They say they are comfortable and talk about the noise ending. They have had one rehearsal. They have never played with the other composer/band in the performance. This is [...]