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The Brooklyn Prophesy

I never thought I'd shake Questlove’s hand.

It was at the book release party for Bradley Spinelli’s novel Killing Williamsburg at Trash, a bar in Williamsburg, where Questlove was DJing. Spinelli had simply walked up to Brooklyn’s most famous alternative hip-hop star at his own book signing and asked; Spinelli mentioned that his novel was launching on World Suicide Prevention Day, and as Questlove scribbled his thousandth autograph of the day, Spinelli listed some of the great pop musicians who had committed suicide. Questlove rattled off some more as the people standing in line shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot and rolled their eyes. Half an hour [...]


What Was Brooklyn? A Deeper Look At The Corcoran Tumblr

We generally leave our daily trolling of the Corcoran "10 a.m. special" Tumblr to our own Tumblr but this is special. Today's Corcoran "special" is a $1.05 million two-bedroom apartment in downtown Brooklyn, at a little over 1000 square feet, which, that's not okay already. But what's this bit of staging??? LET'S ZOOM IN TOGETHER.

Spanish lesson. Coffee. Smile. Weekends. Theatre. Travel. Never Look Back. And a few intriguing illegibles. Maybe Frank O'Hara is still alive—and brokering real estate.

Someone needs to hold Brooklyn's face in a bucket of water until it vomits and drowns.