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How To Dress For Your Punk Rock Book Signing When You're Over 40

"There are many ways for you to dress for your book signings in the spirit of your punk-rock-themed book without looking like a Halloween trick-or-treater. The key is restraint."


Five Advisory Opinions for Men in Summer, from Head to Toe

Hi. Guess what I'm wearing right now? That's right. Shorts. It's hot out! And it's after Memorial Day. Everything changes now!

And so, five quick guidelines for summer dressing—from head to toe. All over your body, as the poet sang.


How Should One Dress Best for Civil Disobedience?

"Clothes that look as if they were bought in Camden market (wacky-wacky, thumbs-aloft, baggy striped trousers; anything with a pompom) are obviously verboten. Unless you are Elizabeth Hurley, you probably will not be tempted to wear heels to a protest (and what would Liz be protesting about, do we think, people? Perhaps a criminal nationwide shortage of white denim?). Plain and practical are the obvious styles to aim for, but nothing in army green because that risks you being mistaken for a rent- a-protester, army green generally being their chosen colour. Similarly, no T-shirts or other paraphernalia that indicate you have frequented other protests: you think it proves your passion, [...]