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Amazing Weekend For The Gays

Scissor Sister Jake Shears, Ed Droste (Mr. Grizzly Bear) and Chris Moukarbel (director of the Chris Crocker documentary) casually relaxed poolside while gay marriage became legal in the UK.

If anyone's got anything better than this today, please speak now (via @zoesqwilliams & @darren_scott)

— Bob Granleese (@bobgranleese) March 30, 2014

What an incredible world. And how was your weekend?


Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs' New Permanent Underclass

• Good news, America! We're finally building equal opportunity ghettos! Now that 1 in 15 Americans are considered the "poorest poor," we're making sure they live in underserved neighborhoods; "geographically concentrated poverty in the U.S. is now at the highest since 1990." But it's a rainbow of poverty! Red and yellow, black and white!

• And we're making sure they don't get to bust out. Because few of them can afford to have cars, they can't go to school, improve their lives or take their children to programs. A entrenched and segregated underclass!

• But it'll be a mobile underclass, that moves from poor area to [...]