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28 Years with Weird Al

My Bubby and Zaydee came to visit from Florida and I couldn’t wait to share my all-time favorite musician with them: Weird Al. I sang every single song from his first two albums. I showed them the video for “Eat It,” which we had taped off of MTV. “Why do his eyes turn yellow at the end of the video?” I asked, having never seen the Michael Jackson video for “Beat It.” They were slightly confused. “Because sometimes people eat bad food and then their livers don’t work and so their eyes turn yellow,” Bubby said. “Don’t you love it?” I asked. I decided she must because she understood things [...]


Dreamcrasher, With Brady Hammock: I Spy Bill Cosby

Every night millions of us interact with the rich and famous-in our dreams. But why should those celebrity encounters remain off the record? Star columnist Brady Hammock is here to bring you all the dirt about your favorite personalities and how they really act when they think they're safe behind the scrim of your subconscious.


Persistent Internet rumors notwithstanding, iconic entertainer and part-time culture grump Bill Cosby insists he is not dead. Maybe so. But why was Coz spotted in a recent dream skulking around rapping to a Tribe Called Quest jam in a Kansas City bar?


The Probably Inevitable "Weird Al" Sex Tape Has Arrived

It says something about pop music's place in the world that "Weird Al" Yankovic's bubblewraplicious "sex tape" is a joke that more people will get than, say, any sort of straight music-video parody he might unleash right now? (Too bad, because a food-based take on "Bad Romance" would be pretty epic.) [Via]