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Weekend Indulgences

Some things to take in during this CALM BEFORE THE STORM weekend….

• How do you solve the problem of hiking? Surprise, it's with audiobooks.

• What do you do on the Day of the Goose? Spoiler… it doesn't end well for the geese.

• Should you be a telemarketer? No, it's insanely hard. (I was so bad at it.) And yet, if it's that or making coffee in Brooklyn, how will you decide?

• Here's a flashback maybe you missed from December that we're rereading: Jenny Kutner's story about her eighth-grade history teacher. (We got back to it via their triple-murder story.)



Your To-Do and Don't-Do Guide to New York City This Weekend

Or maybe just stay home in bed? (Subscribe in iTunes)


Fire Island Labor Day Weekend Looks Ruinous For Gays!

Suffolk County will decide whether to issue a "mandatory evacuation" for Fire Island today, which is an annoying thing, because whether it gets stormy or not over the course of the week, that means there's still no ferries running. (And you don't want to get driven onto the island in a storm surge; it's hairy!) But that may all be moot, since the LIRR is just now barely running properly again, after a fire put service on the fritz for a week. Gays! Return to your seaplanes! Remember when you weren't victims of public transport?


Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.

As I walked through Ocean Grove, a small town just south of Asbury Park on the Jersey Shore, I felt proud of my people. Who else but my fellow childless, non-heterosexual disciples of the past would have had the patience and fortitude to sweep uninvited into this enclave of once-dilapidated Victorian masterpieces, and—undeterred by the proximity to 1) the post-war urban blight of Asbury Park and 2) the religious blight of the Methodist Church, which founded Ocean Grove in 1869 as a “camp revival” site and still owns the land on which every house sits—painstakingly refurbish every spoke and shingle? I imagined what it would be like to live in [...]


And How Did Your Holiday Weekend End?


The Awl's Totally Gay Dance Weekend Party Radio: Episode 1

You would have no reason to know that all winter I've been attending night school, in pursuit of my Master's in Gay Mixmastery. (This is over at the Finishing School for Homosexualist Gentlemen, which, naturally, closed down for much of the week after the death of Alexander McQueen. It is in Chelsea?) In furtherance of my degree, I had to turn in a final class project, which, because it is now the weekend, we will share with the Internet for no good reason.


Christopher Dorner Crime Tourism: Big Bear, LA's Mountain Getaway

Unless he is actually the Terminator, alleged maniacal killer and ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner died yesterday in a burning vacation cabin near the Southern California mountain resort town of Big Bear. And for the first time in probably forever, Big Bear is at the top of the news. As often happens when little-known places make the headlines, cable news hosts struggled to understand the mysterious place—did it have access to television or the Internet?—and people on Twitter mocked the confusion of the cable news hosts, while Big Bear residents used Twitter to say things like, "I was literally looking at the house Chris Dorner was at from the [...]


Your Weekend Project: Ooey Gooey Maple Blondies

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to enter a baking competition. But I never would, because I’m chicken. The thought of losing… I don’t know, maybe I watched too much or didn’t watch enough Back to the Future as a kid but man, that kind of rejection? Not something I can handle, thanks.

Then a Williamsburg-based outfit called City Reliquary tweeted at me BECAUSE UGH THE INTERNET WHY IS IT THE WORSSSSSST THERE IS AN EMAIL ADDRESS RIGHT THERE IN MY PROFILE asking if I would donate a batch of Crack Brownies to a bake sale fundraiser they were holding for themselves. Oh man, and how [...]


The End of Autumn

Spring is the time when even the surliest curmudgeons are lulled by new shoots and flowering buds into a state of shallow optimism. Summer-as certain plants inexplicably thrive while others succumb to heat and rain and pests-delivers a mix of pleasure and disappointment (and Deathâ„¢). Autumn, leaving us now, is about reflection and reconciliation.