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Content Distributed

Near the end of Mike Isaac's boldly headlined piece on the fifty million dollars that BuzzFeed has raised from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and what it plans to do with it, he notes:

And the future of BuzzFeed may not even be on One of the company’s nascent ideas, BuzzFeed Distributed, will be a team of 20 people producing content that lives entirely on other popular platforms, like Tumblr, Instagram or Snapchat.

Right now, "75 percent of BuzzFeed's traffic comes from referrals from social sites." From a publisher's perspective, this is the ideal relationship between it and a "social site": It plants a stick of [...]


I Guess The Good News Is At Least We All Have A Common Enemy Now

Like, I'm gonna name my next publication Foot-Binding. Right after Corset and Girdle and On My Knees.

— Nicole Lee (@nicole) August 14, 2013

I thought this whole thing, about this man who was finally going to give women what they wanted on the web—a terrible website!—was a dream. But it was reaaaallll. (Don't miss the comments, where every woman you've ever met yells at him! Haha, it's great.) Anyway, hello gaggles! "Bustle" apparently exists. $6.5 million worth of exists. LOL. The fucking thing makes xoJane look like the collected works of Marilynne Robinson.


Big Newspaper Just Dying on the Internet

"The number one video on last year got about 26,000 views and was a feature on how to handle frozen iguanas." —That comes from this tribute to the success of the Miami Herald in doing original web video. I don't even know what to say about this! You make a video about handling frozen iguanas—an Internet sweet spot if there ever was one!—and you can't get more than 26,000 views? Well, things are not great: coverage of the earthquake in Haiti "doubled’s total monthly traffic to 1 million hits last January…. The site’s videos generated 7.5 million hits altogether last year." Well. God bless them for [...]


Finally, A Website For Homosexuals

Awl pal Rod Townsend has started a website for homosexuals. He's staking out the "postfabulous" space, which I'm pretty sure I'm not in (I'm either pre-fabulous or so post-fabulous I can't remember fabulous?), but surely a rich vein. Anyway, go say hi.


What's Wrong with "People of Wal-Mart"

I went home to think about this new "People of Wal-Mart" blog overnight before I went off half-cocked. In the end: I'm not a fan, I think! And that's a hard and maybe slightly indefensible thing to say, coming from someone who, essentially, thinks Cintra Wilson is funny making fun of the fatness of J.C. Penney mannequins in the Times. So what this "People of Wal-Mart" is, is it is a website that pubishes stealth camera shots (allegedly?) of people in Wal-Marts (allegedly), taken by people apparently in Wal-Marts, who are horrified by the other people in Wal-Marts. Now I have been in many Wal-Marts myself and been [...]


Introducing… Shirterate

People often ask us what's next for our company. We've spent a lot of time surveying the Internet landscape, and, while the land rush into the content arena has been gratifying to watch for those of us who've worked in the "space" since long before there was a venture capital invasion, we really feel that the future of the Internet is in serving individuals. One by one. Artisanally. Particularly high net worth individuals. So we'd like to invite you to visit our new project, Shirterate.


Rich Kids Of The Internet: Inside The Astounding Troll-Hole That Is Elite Daily

The website Elite Daily is "the premier online destination for aspiring men and women alike." It is the first true editorial product of the post-sex-tape era. It specializes in two kinds of attention-trawling: Luxurious images of beautiful people doing things that require a lot of money, like looking at each other on yachts and driving along cliffs and also frank and sexist outrage trolling. One article informs the reader, "How To Always Get What You Want," while another offers "The 10 Signs She’s The Perfect Mistress." The site's original slogan was "How much is enough?" The undeclared nouns there were things like money, women, cars, boats, sex.


A Website Launches

Capital New York is officially live today.


Just Faces! It's Okay!

It's the first new Tumblr in ages with photos about a certain kind of thing in a certain kind of way that hasn't offended me! (I'm looking at you, Black People at Wal Mart on Facebook on Public Transit.) Thank God for Face Ahoy, where life is more gentle.


Welcome The Faster Times

Oh ho, a bit later than promised, now The Faster Times is live! I don't quite know what to do with it yet and I'm not sure why it's faster but I'm clicking on things. Oooh, I hit "surprise me" and it sent me to the wine section! That was a surprise. Ooh, I hit "surprise me" again and it took me to the Civil Liberties section! Ha ha, that's fun! Yay Internet. Though one thing I will say, I will take our advice columnist over all of theirs any day.


Finally, A Website Where Parents Can Vent Their Frustrations

"The website, which launched last week, is a safe and anonymous space where parents can let off some steam or even have a laugh at other people’s confessions…"


Please Welcome The Wirecutter

The Wirecutter is a new website designed to do one thing: to tell you what the best particular product in a category is at any given moment. It is a project of Brian Lam, late of Gizmodo. Do you want to buy a TV? Great: here are the three TVs we endorse right now. Here's what Brian has to say about the site; here's the best way to use it.

What it is not is a "gadget blog." There's really plenty of those, and they're great! They cover every rollout, every product, every bit of rumor and whatnot in the tech world. The rest [...]


A Non-Porn Website for Men

"Working at Goldman Sachs isn't inherently unethical; but-" -And that's when I clicked CLOSE TAB on the first article I randomly selected to read in the new non-profit magazine Good Men Project. However! Other parts of it look somewhat promising, so check it out if you are interested in man issues.


MSNBC Loves Dan Abrams

So Gawker publishes the pictures of the crazed contractors over at the US Embassy in Afghanistan. What do you do if you're a major TV network, and want to cover it? If you're MSNBC, you have on a staffer from former MSNBC honcho and current "contributor" Dan Abrams' new website to discuss it. It makes sense, if you think about it! One thing Gawker has never done is hire the sort of PR people that The Daily Beast and other websites have, people who basically handle TV bookings. Some websites just have that whole thing built right in though. Genius!


This Is Awl Version .02

Oh, some iterations here today on the site itself. As we said early on, we are not going to get too attached to our digital face. It will change and we will experiment ceaselessly. Some things will please some; others will please The Others. (There are still two episodes of Lost sitting on my Tivo! When will I find the time?) This website itself, as you have probably gathered, is an experiment. So, fellow scientists, send all complaints, suggestions and beefs (along with your browser and OS info!) to notes at the awl. (Also, the office of David Cho would like to thank Rebecca Wiener for her invaluable assistance.)