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Wal-Mart Wants Customers To Deliver Other Customers' Wal-Mart Crap

"'I see a path to where this is crowd-sourced,' Joel Anderson, chief executive of in the United States, said in a recent interview with Reuters. Wal-Mart has millions of customers visiting its stores each week. Some of these shoppers could tell the retailer where they live and sign up to drop off packages for online customers who live on their route back home, Anderson explained. Wal-Mart would offer a discount on the customers' shopping bill, effectively covering the cost of their gas in return for the delivery of packages, he added." —The world's biggest (and worst) retailer has a wonderful plan to get its poor customers to drive [...]


Walmart Claims To Be Ignorant Of The Demand Stoked By Its Ridiculous Sales

Why is Walmart spending a seven-figure sum to fight a $7,000 fine levied against it by Federal safety officials after the 2008 incident at a Valley Stream, N.Y., store that ended in an employee being trampled to death? Because they don't want the government to tell them how to treat their employees, mannnn: "[In] fighting the federal fine, Wal-Mart is arguing that the government is improperly trying to define 'crowd trampling' as an occupational hazard that retailers must take action to prevent." You mean, the government wants to tell retailers that maybe using the term "Blitz Line" when opening the floodgates for people in search of cheap DVD players [...]


My Holiday Shopping Plan

Now that we are experiencing The Holidays—and don’t kid yourself about that—I would like to extend a belated happy Black Friday to anyone who observed or experienced that Holiday, or whatever it is exactly, like maybe an Economic Day of Obligation? Non-religious Holy Day?

I don’t agree too much with the idea of Black Friday, and I try to not judge people who want to have Black Friday. You wanna shop, go and do that thing. Shop till you pop, Black Friday, and now, what, Thanksgiving, Brown Thursday, they got you shopping now? Wowee, go ahead and go shopping on Black Friday Eve, fine. They might run out of [...]


Wal-Mart Is Coming to New York City

So much for the Starbucks/Wal-Mart population divide ratio; now Wal-Mart is back in the market for a New York City store. From the department of the obviously obvious: "The retailer is likely to focus on poor neighborhoods where there is a pent-up demand for jobs and supermarkets."


Wal-Mart Is Weird

What kind of crazy crap is happening at Wal-Mart RIGHT NOW? "Maybe a man dressed in a cow suit, crawling on all fours, will steal 26 gallons of milk from a Wal-Mart and hand them out Robin Hood-style to patrons in a parking lot, as allegedly occurred in Stafford, Va. in April. Perhaps a glazed-eyed 20-year-old will take a truck filled with 338 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from a Wal-Mart before police find him drowsy and in possession of a bag of marijuana, as authorities say took place in Ocala, Fla., in March. Or perchance a rapper named Mr. Ghetto will shoot an unauthorized, sexually suggestive music video [...]