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Seeking Solace in SCUM

At the moment, I don’t feel like praising a manifesto that calls for the extermination of a particular gender. This is my own fault. If I had just filed this essay when I was supposed to, I could have avoided this stupid fucking problem.

But watching my news feeds fill themselves up this last week, I felt like I was being force fed. I could have turned it off. But that felt like the ultimate luxury, to close my eyes and pretend like it wasn't happening. I haven’t watched his videos, or read his manifesto, but his presence has had a drastic impact. I’ve never followed the Didion cliché of [...]


"Daddy Only Wants What's Best for Daddy"

Oh dear: was the published version of The SCUM Manifesto by which we have been living our lives not at all in keeping with the author's wishes? Scrawls suggest "yes."