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Dudes Nast

I guess my question in response to this expose of male undergarment deportment is once again why on earth women let us do sex to them when we are clearly disgusting. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am beyond glad that they do and all, but it does seem pretty inexplicable the more you think about it. Anyway, congratulations to the team at KPNX 12 News for nailing this story down, even to the point where they got the folks at Target to allow them to check out the underwear on the racks. That is some A+ reportage.


Parents Give Their Child World-Record-Breaking Wedgie

The quote that sums up a 10-year-old's attempt to break the world record of wearing the most underpants at one time: "By the time he had on 195 pairs, Jack's feet were asleep, so they laid him down and kept going." He only ("only"??) had 20 pairs to go in order to reach the record-breaking threshold. [Via]