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Comedian Prevented From Being Unfunny In England

"The controversial French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has been banned from the UK after one of his shows was barred in France following his branding by the government as anti-Semitic.

Mr Dieudonné had said he wanted to visit Britain to support Nicolas Anelka, a compatriot and West Bromwich Albion football player who has been charged for using the “quenelle”, a gesture created by the comedian that resembles an inverted Nazi salute and is allegedly anti-Semitic."

—Dieudonné, a spectacularly terrible comedian (here is one of his videos, in which he performs [...]


By Their Email Forwards Shall Ye Know Them

Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare, apparently. But black people are! Hence the firing of the chair of the Virginia Beach Republican Party, thanks to his extremely poor choices in the use of his AOL address.


Two Black Men in White House Twice as Threatening to Internet

"He visited the brother in the WH. No telling what our house looks like now. He'll let any body in it seems. I hope there's something from our past left by the time he parades all these thugs through there." -Say what you will about anonymity, blog comments and the Internet: when Jay-Z visits Obama at the White House, it's only in the comments sections where you really learn how things truly are. (MEANWHILE, nobody's saying nothing about Beyonce or heads will roll…. even though she spent the day with Mike Bloomberg?)